Cup Wheel – S-SEG

Our diamond cup wheels are used for cutting, grinding, polishing, and shaping various materials.

All of our cup wheels are vacuum brazed and balanced to prevent wobbling and uneven grinding. They also feature venting holes to reduce core heat for optimum performance. Guaranteed premium performance and long life.

Works with most dust collection systems.

The S-Seg cup wheel design is created for fast grinding and open pore finishes for proper bonding of sealers and coatings. The unique staggered pattern design of the segments and cooling holes allow the cup to remove debris from the surface of the concrete without buildup.


Starting at $139.32

  • Leaves a uniform finish without swirl marks
  • Provides a very smooth profile for the 1st step in concrete polishing
  • Reverse & impeller segments reduce the strain on the grinder
  • Improves performance of dust control systems
Weight N/A




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